Aviation Services Division
The Aviation Services Division of STI employs a global team of dedicated aviation experts. The Aviation Division is both an Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) response team and full service mobile aircraft modification provider in support of the aerospace industry. Our team is highly flexible to address large scale aircraft modification and repair, while maintaining OEM quality. Our ability to fabricate, install, and ground test any new and challenging aircraft modifications ensure you will meet your testing and deployment timeframe. We thrive on both standard and non-standard adaptations to basic aircraft for special missions using the FAA airworthiness process.

Our Mobile Maintenance Team (MMT) provides clients with 24/7 onsite modification capability matching tools and seasoned talent to the specifications (STC/AD/EO) and other needs as required. Our entire MMT organization is flexible and scalable as established by the number of aircraft in a given fleet. The team is comprised of seasoned aviation specialists to include airframe, hydraulic, engine, communication, avionic, guidance control, and structures. Supporting the team is a commercial vehicle fleet equipped with all the necessary tooling to fulfill the modification requirements onsite. This includes everything from common hand tools to specific structure and fabrication equipment to keep the team focused on meeting the client needs and objectives.

Sensor-Tech International retains the most experienced aviation specialists for the integration and deployment of commercial, experimental and prototype airborne systems. While these aircraft modifications change the basic aircraft to improve or provide additional capability, each one is given the attention to detail resulting in OEM level quality and reliability. Quality and safety are fully integrated throughout any maintenance program. Separately an independent inspection team oversees all facets of the process from day one until the modification is complete utilizing ISO-9001 principles. Tool and hardware accountability is paramount to this program success, and this is why the ground support specialist will continuously monitor tool accountability and ensure everything is in its proper place from the beginning of the modification to the closeout. Only after our quality inspector has signed off on tool and hardware accountability will the onsite team leader give the go-ahead for the modification close-out.

Ground support specialists are equipped to hit the ground running to fully deploy the MMT vehicle as soon as they have arrived at the client location. The mobile unit also includes ground support equipment (GSE) for the specific needs of the aircraft being supported. Additional GSE is readily available and deployable as the team adapts to changing environments. The remainder of the team converges on the deployed site to conduct aircraft preparation, execute the modification using only current technical and OEM data, perform post modification testing to ensure system is fully integrated and working as per the customerís specification, perform detailed foreign object debris inspection, close-out all paneling, complete all maintenance documentation and then release the aircraft back to the owning organization for its deployment. Upon completion of modification requirements as per the contract, our team cleans the worksite and then departs same day.
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